Compensation for Loss of Income due to Neck & Knee Injury from Motorcycle Accident

PUBLISHED 24 Apr 2018

In August 2014 our client was a fit 30 year old man who was riding his motor cycle on a Sydney motorway when a car suddenly cut him off causing him to be thrown from his motor cycle.  As a result he suffered physical injuries to his neck and to his right knee.

Our client worked in the hospitality industry and his knee injury in particular meant he had real problems at work which is why he sought the advice of Gerard Malouf & Partners Compensation Lawyers.

Once we were retained under our No Win No Fee Personal Injury Compensation Cost Agreement we took care of all cost associated with preparation of our client’s claim.

At Gerard Malouf & Partners Compensation Lawyers we are familiar with cases that involve injury that stop someone from returning to their previous work. A knee injury may not stop an office worker returning quickly to work but for someone doing a physical job such as in hospitality such an injury can be extremely serious.

We carried out our own independent investigations in relation to liability.  We obtained the Police Report that showed the motor car was at fault we then obtained our client’s medical records. From these investigations and through the quality and detail of the instructions we received from our client it became clear that not only was he struggling to get back to work because of his knee but the way the accident had occurred had left him with severe psychological scarring as well. A physical injury and a psychological injury were now causing real problems with returning to work.

At Gerard Malouf & Partners Compensation Lawyers we were able to not only provide key legal advice but we encouraged our client to seek the best medical advice and treatment he could obtain.

As a result of following our advice our client was quickly able to back to work.  As a result of our expert negotiation skills which Gerard Malouf & Partners Compensation Lawyers has developed over many years we were able to settle our clients claim so that his loss of wages and treatment expenses were taken care of.

Our client was very pleased with getting proper compensation. This compensation represented the fact that he had suffered real injuries which could have put him out of the work force for a very long time but with the expert advice of Gerard Malouf & Partners Compensation Lawyers he was able to receive proper compensation and get back into everyday life as quickly as possible.

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