Compensation for client whose heart health issues were misdiagnosed as heart burn

PUBLISHED 12 Mar 2018

Our client went to Grafton Base Hospital to seek medical assistance for his symptoms of pain as well as vomiting and diarrhoea. When seen by a doctor, it was concluded that he was suffering from heart burn and he was sent home. The doctor did not refer him to anyone else and did not conduct tests relating to heart monitoring.

Almost two years later our client again went to the emergency department at this hospital presenting with similar symptoms. On this visitation tests were conducted and it was found that our client had a partially blocked ventricle in his heart. This blockage was the cause for his symptoms and was affecting the health of his heart.

After an angiography was completed, our client required treatment by way of having a stent placed to help assist his blood flow within his heart.

By failing to get prompt diagnosis and adequate testing during his initial hospital visitation, our claimant’s treatment was delayed and his condition was exacerbated. On account of our client’s initial doctor being medically negligent, our client suffered loss.

When our client approached Gerard Malouf and Partners to take on this case, we worked hard to maximise his compensation.

We had our clients assessed by an expert who detailed the level of impairment and ongoing disabilities that affected our client as a result of suffering from his condition. The reports prepared by our experts allowed us to quantify the damage suffered by our clients and helped to clarify the monetary compensation that our clients might be awarded by a Court.

The Defendants obtained their own expert evidence and agreed to engage in settlement negotiations. We pushed for an early settlement conference hoping to obtain a quick resolution to the matter for our clients.

Through successful negotiations, we were able to reach a favourable outcome and gain the compensation that was due to our client.

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