Compensation Claims from a Position of Strength

PUBLISHED 23 Sep 2016

If you are entitled to make a claim for compensation a successful outcome cannot be taken for granted. Against you are:

  1. The law, which requires that you prove someone else is at fault and then limits the amount of compensation you receive.
  2. The Defendant you are suing or more accurately their insurer who will at first try to deny your claim and if that is unsuccessful will then do all it can to reduce the amount of compensation you are entitled to.
  3. Your own financial resources. It is rare for an injured person to be able to finance their compensation claims. Their income has ceased or been significantly reduced whilst their ongoing bills and mortgages remain the same. Added to this is the expense of medical treatment. How then can a person entitled to compensation afford to fund their compensation claim? The simple answer is that they can’t except in very rare circumstances.

As a Claimant you have to make sure you put yourself in the best possible position to succeed. By that we mean you must place yourself in a position of strength rather than weakness.

The best way to do this is by engaging competent, efficient and resource rich legal representation.

At Gerard Malouf and Partners Compensation Lawyers we do not ask our client’s to pay disbursements. Disbursements are things which a lawyer must pay for in order to bring your compensation claim to finalisation. Disbursements include medical report fees, clinical record fees, barrister fees, expert report fees and  court filing fees to name but a few. We pay disbursements on your behalf and recover those disbursements and our legal fees when you claim has been successfully completed and only when your claim is successfully completed.

 If your claim is unsuccessful we do not ask you to pay anything.

Gerard Malouf and Partners Compensation Lawyers deal only in Compensation claims and accordingly we have a strong reputation amongst Defendants, their insurers, and their legal representatives.

Being a successful firm, Gerard Malouf and Partners can afford to fund all disbursements on behalf of their clients whilst not being under financial pressure. This means that financial pressure is not a concern of our solicitors. Your claim is their only concern.

Maximising our clients claims for compensation and securing that compensation is always our paramount concern. Our ever growing business and share of the market would otherwise be forever reducing.

Because of our resources, our accumulated experience, the availability of the total knowledge of all our solicitors and our access to premium experts of all kinds you are in a position of strength if you are a client of Gerard Malouf and Partners Compensation Lawyers.

We even keep a proverbial bear in hibernation which we awaken and unleash when necessary. Fortunately this occurrence is rare.

Place yourself in a position of strength.

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