Client’s trust in GMP results in multiple claims over 15 years

PUBLISHED 04 Jul 2014

Our client had sustained a work injury 16 and half years ago being in early 1998 and throughout the life of his claim he has met obstacles from the insurer. On each occasion he would engage us at GMP Lawyers to provide him with legal services and on each time he does with the confidence, that we as a firm will do the job and do it well. The first contact with our office occurred shortly after the work accident.

For this particular client he had made three separate claims. The first was for a lump sum claim which concluded mid October 1999. The second was for reinstatement of weekly compensation entitlements after the insurer had ceased paying him and that was concluded in August 2005. Finally, he made a claim for an increase in weekly compensation payments and this concluded in May 2014.

As each of the claims span over 15 years, on each occasion the client was represented by a different solicitor from Gerard Malouf & Partners. What did not change is the successful result that he achieved on each occasion. We pride ourselves here to have expansive skills and the skill set is shared by all lawyers who work here.

The initial claim for lump sums ensured our client received a handsome amount of $31,000 in total. This was a settlement that had occurred in 1999 and that level of compensation was at that time considered very high.

After this settlement he continued to receive weekly compensation until about 5 years post settlement when the insurer decided to cease payments. With the assistance of another competent solicitor in our firm at GMP Lawyers, we were successful in having his weekly benefits reinstated for an injured worker with dependants.

Over the years the insurer had periodically increased his weekly compensation benefits until around the 2011/2012 financial year when they decided they would not increase his payments. Again we recommenced proceedings which was listed for Arbitration at the Workers Compensation Commission in May 2014. The result was a beauty. The insurer was compelled to back pay the shortfall of payments from when the claim commenced in late 2011 to the present date. Further, the insurer was to make increased payments on an ongoing basis. This result was made all the more amazing considering the major restrictions we now have with the Workers Compensation Legislation changes.

No matter which solicitor our clients are allocated to, the result is that a bond of confidence is formed and it reflects on our firm as a whole here at Gerard Malouf & Partners.

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