Client suffering psychological injury after death of mother receives $180,000 compensation from Sydney Hospital

PUBLISHED 12 May 2015

We act for the daughter who sustained a recognized psychiatric illness following the death of her mother whilst under the care of a Sydney Hospital.

Our client’s mother was admitted to a Sydney based hospital with confusion and disorientation. The woman, unmonitored and unattended, subsequently suffered a fall in the hospital bathroom; hitting her head on the toilet. After complaining for nearly 3 weeks of severe headaches and unsteadiness, she was finally referred for a CT scan which revealed a large right sided subdural hemorrhage. Our client’s mother passed a short time later as a result of the subdural bleed and related complications.

Our client suffers from severe depression and anxiety. She was diagnosed with Complex and Pathological Grief disorder and suffers from a persistent and dominant “numbness” after her mother’s untimely passing.

Our client sought our advices and expert legal services. In turn, we consulted medical experts and, from our extensive research, were able to confirm the proper hospital supervision and assistance procedures had not been adhered to. Our experts confirmed the extent of our client’s loss due to here severe emotional difficulties.

After intense negotiations, we were able to reach a $180,000 settlement with the hospital, inclusive of costs and disbursements. We were able to spare our client the further distress in going to court and reliving the incident.

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