Client Breaks Foot in Car Accident & Receives $230,000 in Compensation

PUBLISHED 20 Jun 2014

A young man was involved in a car accident which resulted in him fracturing his foot and requiring surgery. He contact Gerard Malouf and Partners as experienced car accident lawyers to assist him in a claim for compensation for his injuries.

Our client was employed in a heavy laboring position and required some time off work whilst his injuries recovered. After a few months our client returned to work on light duties before returning to his full time employment.

We were able to ensure all of our client’s out-of-pocket-expenses for surgery, physiotherapy, medication, etc were all paid by the CTP Insurer and our client was not out of pocket for any of these expenses.

When our client returned to full time employment he still had difficulties performing certain tasks within his role. Further, our client had some difficulties in performing tasks around the home that he had performed prior to the accident including mowing the lawns, cleaning, cooking, etc.

We were able to claim compensation on our client’s behalf for his past and future out-of-pocket-expenses, his past loss of wages, his future possible loss of working capacity and/or lost opportunity for future employment, as well as past and future domestic assistance.

We were able to negotiate a settlement with the CTP Insurer without the need of court proceedings or a hearing. Our client was very happy when the insurer offered him $230,000 to settle his claim for his motor accident compensation.

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