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Claim for Incorrect Surgery Results in Swift Settlement for Hunter Region Woman

This matter involved an unnecessary and incorrect surgery performed by a Surgeon in April 2015 on a Hunter Region woman to remove a lipoma from her right thigh.

Following the surgery, our client awoke to realise that the large lipoma on her right hip area was still there despite the surgery being performed. Our client then required further surgery to remove the lipoma which was again carried out by the same Surgeon.

Due to the failed and incorrect first surgery, our client suffered a 10cm scar as well as damage to her right hip and a Psychiatric injuries for having to undergo repeat surgeries.

Aggrieved, following this clear mistake by her Surgeon, this woman immediately contacted our Office and by mid-May a file was opened with Mr Leslie Abboud, a Senior Solicitor with over 30 years of experience in Medical Negligence, taking carriage of her matter. Mr Abboud explained her rights to her and that her injuries were compensable.

In order for her to receive compensation, we would need to establish that there was negligence by the surgeon. It was explained that this matter was extremely straight forward and that it was important for her to obtain compensation in the quickest manner possible. It was discussed and established that the negligence in this case was blatantly apparent and would be acted on by our office immediately to ensure this matter could be put to rest as soon as possible. Thus, Mr Abboud along with our highly experienced and specialised Medical Negligence Team immediately obtained the requisite evidence and medical expert opinions to determine the full extent of our client’s damages. After thoroughly reviewing the evidence at hand and details of the procedure our client underwent, Mr Abboud and his Team were able to establish the degree of damage to our client and present a strong case against the Defendant Surgeon.

On this basis, proceedings were commenced in the District Court of NSW in late July 2015. By late November 2015, this matter had already settled for over $60,000. Just over six months after the injury itself had occurred.

By aggressively pursuing negotiation on behalf of our client to obtain some solace for her following these grossly unfortunate events, Mr Abboud and our specialist Medical Negligence Team as well as expert Barrister, we able to achieve a settlement of over $60,000 for our client in less than six months. She was very satisfied with this result and thankful to Gerard Malouf & Partners efforts in settling the matter quickly. We hope that this settlement assists our client in moving on with her life and provides some sense of justice considering she lives on with her injuries and scarring following this unfortunate failure by her Surgeon.

We are highly specialised and focused lawyers, with our firm being small enough to care intimately for our clients, but large enough to have the solid financial, medical and expert resources our clients need to match the big insurers we fight every day.

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