Woman received $160,000 in claim against hospital after suffering a cerebrospinal fluid leak after a meningioma removal

PUBLISHED 06 Mar 2020

This case involved a woman who was experiencing excruciating headaches, blurred vision and trouble focusing. She was diagnosed with a left frontal meningioma in May 2014. Two options were provided to this woman at this stage, including repeating an MRI in six months’ time to see the progression or surgical intervention. After consulting with her husband, the woman agreed to continue with MRI’s as a form of management. After an MRI in August 2015, she indicated that she wished to have surgical intervention. At no stage up to this point, were any surgical options provided, including radiotherapy.

In April 2017, this woman attended hospital to have the left frontal meningioma removed from behind her eye. After the procedure, she returned home and within days she presented to her general practitioner complaining of a “dripping” in her head. Upon examination, it was revealed that there was a cerebrospinal fluid leak, which was compatible with the recent surgical procedure. Following a revision surgery to correct this leak, our client again complained of a post-nasal drip. Since the negligent surgery, our client has had ongoing pain and discomfort in her sinus.

This woman contacted Gerard Malouf & Partners in mid-2018 seeking justice for the horrible experience she had as a result of her initial surgery. Her case was given to Ms. Jayne O’Sullivan, one of our most experienced medical negligence lawyers who has a vast range of experience in this area. Jayne began working on this case, with the help of her team and worked quickly and efficiently to ensure justice was done for the client. Expert opinions were given by a surgeon and an ear, nose and throat specialist, who quickly identified the negligence apparent in the case. The pain and discomfort felt by our client was a direct result of this and the injustice could not go unnoticed.

Our client was also assessed by a Psychiatrist, who recorded the horrible ways in which this incident has negatively impacted our client’s life and the distress it has caused her and her family.

The matter ultimately proceeded to mediation and settled for $160,000. This was a fantastic result for our client and one that she was extremely grateful to Jayne and her team for. It is extremely rewarding to us as a firm, and Jayne as this woman’s solicitor, to see a big smile on her face after such a long and horrible experience. We hope that this settlement provides for our client’s future medical treatment and assists in her getting back to a happy and healthy place.

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