Circumcision procedure by the hands of a General Surgeon

PUBLISHED 23 Sep 2011

We acted for a little boy, aged 3 years old, who underwent a circumcision procedure by the hands of a General Surgeon when was aged 6 weeks. The surgery (bell procedure) was conducted in his clinic under local anaesthetic. A week after the procedure, excessive foreskin was found and the doctor decided to perform a second circumcision after 8 weeks.

After the second procedure there was obviously too much skin taken away from the penis and this resulted in an abnormal looking curved and deformed penis.

Our client unfortunately had to undergo a number of surgeries including skin grafts. A claim was made against the doctor’s insurer on behalf of the little boy as well as his mother for nervous shock. The little boy was compensated $80,000.00 plus costs and his mother was compensated $210,000.00 plus costs.


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