Chinese Woman Awarded $3,000,000 in Compensation After Suffering Brain Damage due to Hospital Negligence

PUBLISHED 11 Apr 2018

Our client was a Chinese national living in Western Sydney, who experienced severe headaches in November of 2014. She attended on her General Practitioner, who organised for a CT scan which revealed a large aneurysm in her brain. She was immediately referred to the defendant Hospital for admission and treatment. While under the hospital’s care, arrangements were made to have our client transferred to a larger hospital to treat the aneurysm, but this did not occur within a reasonable time. Three days after being admitted to the defendant hospital, our client’s aneurysm burst and she suffered considerable brain damage.

She requires 24-hour care as a result, and this incident of negligence has understandably had a significant impact on her family. Our client’s current health problems are irreversible and incurable, and this is, and will continue to be, a source of great distress and anxiety for her family.

Our client’s family approached Gerard Malouf and Partners for help with the unfortunate situation they found themselves in. The matter was taken on a “no win, no fee” basis, meaning that our client and her family would not need to pay any legal fees unless a settlement was reached. Leslie Abboud and his team of medical negligence lawyers investigated and worked tirelessly on this case. Leslie and his team contacted expert doctors, including a consultant neurologist, who supported our client’s claim and provided valuable reports to this effect.  With the benefit of over 30 years of experience, a rigorous work ethic, and an understanding for the needs of our client, Leslie was able to negotiate a settlement of $3,000,000 for our client to assist with the costs of future care and assistance.

Leslie Abboud also successfully brought forward claims for members of our client’s family who were suffering psychologically as a result of witnessing the condition a beloved relative was now reduced to, because of medical negligence. Each family member was referred to a clinical psychologist, who provided evidence as to the psychological conditions they were now suffering from. Each family member received compensation of $70,000 to assist with future psychological treatment, including the costs of therapy and medication.

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