Central tablelands woman receives $195,000 after delay in treatment lead to perforated bowel

PUBLISHED 08 Jun 2017

Our client was born with a condition known as gastroschisis, which causes adhesions and partial blockages in the bowel. Unfortunately, she had to deal with the implications of this condition throughout the entirety of her life. She had many trips to hospital due to partial bowel obstructions   where she was treated by way of IV fluids where she was discharged with no issues.

On one of these occasions, our client attended the Emergency Department at her local hospital but this time she could tell that something was different. She was in extreme pain and felt that something more severe was going on than her past bowel obstructions. Unfortunately, our client was admitted to Hospital at 3:00am and was not seen by a Doctor until some 15 hours later at 5:00pm. AT this time, she was diagnosed with a perforated bowel and was required to undergo a bowel resection operation.

Unfortunately, the 15 hour delay in diagnosis and undergoing this subsequent operation caused our client to suffer from complications where she developed a severe infection and was required to undergo a section operation. As a result of these procedures, our client suffered from ongoing physical as well as psychological injuries.

Our client’s father approached Gerard Malouf and Partners to enquire about whether or not his daughter had a claim for medical negligence based on the treatment she received from the hospital. After hearing the details of her circumstances, particularly the delay in having the simple operation performed in a timely fashion, we were of the view that she had reasonable prospects of success based on the hospital’s negligence which lead to our client suffering from further injury.

Ms Julie Baqleh, Accredited Personal Injury Specialist, took carriage of the matter and briefed expert medical practitioners in the field. We were able to prove negligence based on this evidence. Mindful of the expenses associated with litigation, Ms Baqleh was able to resolve the matter without proceeding to hearing. We ultimately secured a settlement figure of $195,000 for our client, whose entire family was very thankful and appreciative of our assistance to help them put this behind them.

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