Central Coast woman receives $147,500 in compensation following error in preparing for lens implant

PUBLISHED 12 Jun 2018

In this matter, our client consented to undergo a cataract extraction and intraocular lens implant. She made arrangements to undergo this medical operation at a central coast hospital. During the operation, the theatre sister assisting the surgeon was negligent in preparing the lens implant whilst inserting it into the injector. This resulted in a crack in the lens and was only observed by the surgeon after insertion. The cracked lens was subsequently removed and replaced.

By reason of the removal of the cracked lens, damage was caused to the surface of our client’s eye. Following surgery, our client noticed small blisters forming on her eye and suffered worsening pain and discomfort. Our client was thus forced to undergo a further transplant surgery to rectify this injury.

As a result of this incident, our client suffers considerable visual disturbance in both day and night. She has difficulties reading and suffers from frequent headaches. Our client is also increasingly reliant on the assistance of her family to conduct normal day-to-day activities. Further, the impact her poor vision had on her family and social life has resulted in depression, anxiety and loss of enjoyment of her life.

Our client reached out to Gerard Malouf and Partners seeking assistance and to see whether a claim for compensation could be pursued. Medical Negligence Lawyer Keegan Behrens took on this case and strongly argued on behalf of his client that the hospital’s theatre sister was negligent in failing to exercise due care and skill when inserting the lens into the injector whilst preparing for our client’s lens implant.

Respecting our client’s wishes to avoid further stress and risks associated with trial, Medical Negligence Lawyer Keegan Behrens requested for a mediation with the hospital. Fortunately, for our client, mediation was agreed to and this matter settled for $147,500, which the client was satisfied with.

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