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Disability Support Worker Receives TPD Settlement Within 3 Months of Lodgment

Case Overview
  • A 55-year-old woman working as a Disability Services Officer suffered serious injuries while providing care to a resident.
  • This led to her being unable to complete any of the functional demands of her previous role.
  • Gerard Malouf and Partners helped her to secure a TPD benefit amount of $75,000.

Our client was a 55-year-old woman who was employed as a Disability Services Officer when she sustained an injury at work. She was providing care to a resident, however, the resident was agitated due to his behavioural disorder which resulted in him causing physical harm to our client’s dominant arm, neck, shoulders, and back.

In this case, our client had only worked in customer service and in disability support work. However, her extensive symptomatology and associated functional limitations meant that she could barely complete any of her former duties if any at all. She trialled multiple solutions with her different treatment providers without much success. 

“You are ordinarily eligible for TPD insurance if you have ceased work as a result of injury illness and you and your doctors do not believe that you are likely to return to any role that you are educated, trained or experienced to do.”

Angelica Adhar
Our Approach

Our client engaged the services of Gerard Malouf and Partners to assist with lodging a claim through her super fund for Total and Permanent DisabilityDetailed investigations were undertaken, and the claim was subsequently lodged with extensive supporting evidence.

If you or anyone you know have been injured as a result of an incident at work, Workers Compensation is not the only recourse available to you. You may be able to make an additional claim against the Total and Permanent Disablement insurance attached to your Superannuation account. This is insurance that is often added automatically with monthly premiums.

The Result

The claim was approved in full in less than three months after lodgement for an insured benefit amount of $75,000.

Angelica Adhar Lawyer

Angelica Adhar

Law Clerk
There is no greater joy, nor greater reward than to make a fundamental difference in someone’s life. – Mary Rose McGeady
Frequently Asked Questions

More Information

In general, a TPD insurance claim takes around six months for the insurance company to assess. However, it can take longer if there is a dispute, or it can be wrapped up in a shorter time frame if your claim is extremely clear and you have the right superannuation disability attorneys on your side.

Be aware that once the insurance company has made its decision in regard to your TPD claim, the trustee of the superannuation fund will need to follow up with their own separate assessment of the claim. This can add an extra month or two to the process.

In Australia, there are protections in place for people who suffer injuries or illnesses that render them permanently unable to work in their previous career. This is called total and permanent disability insurance (or TPD insurance) and it will provide a lump-sum payment that will help you maintain your finances to a certain extent, even as you can no longer earn an income in the traditional way.

It is important to note that you do not have to have suffered this injury or illness as a result of your job to make a TPD claim.

TPD claims, which are payouts from a type of disability insurance purchased either privately or through your super, have the lowest rejection rate of insurance cover and an approval rate of more than 80%.


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