Car Accident Threatens Managers Livelihood

PUBLISHED 12 Aug 2014

Mr GT originally began his career as an  apprentice mechanic after dropping out of school early in year 10. He worked his way through the ranks of a large car company for in excess of 20 years.

In 2012, he was appointed a manager for the company he worked in any known longer had to work on her “tools”.  Only a matter of weeks after he was made and manager, who is involved in a car accident where a truck hit him from behind. At the time his stepson was in the car. He became extremely fearful of driving as a consequence of the accident.

Although he felt working to be difficult, particularly psychologically as he was experiencing anxiety and depression, who was nevertheless functional.

Physically the main injury that he sustained was in relation to his right wrist.

On the papers, Mr GT did not appear overly insured. His psychological injuries would not have exceeded the threshold to entitle him to non-loss. The amount of treatment that he was receiving was minimal because it was not taking time off work from his newly appointed position. As a consequence, the claim would appear to be minimal on paper.

Nevertheless, the matter was brought to an informal summit conference. At the conference the insurer had made submissions as expected to indicate that the matter was only a minor one and that the offer is would not exceed that of a commercial value. After shearing the insurer’s submissions, our senior solicitor who had carriage of this matter to into the insurer’s attention that the matter is only relatively new and looking at the claimants employment history and his training and experience, if  the claimant was to lose his employer as manager, he would not have the ability to return to tools due to his right wrist injury As such, he would be entitled to an economic loss in excess of $100,000 for a period of no less than 23 year. This had the potential of being  at a very significant claim.

It was however  the claimant’s desire to resolve this matter early as the stress of having a claim over human was becoming too great a burden.

As such, following the submissions that were made on behalf of the claimant the matter settled for in excess of  $57,000. The matter resolved in less than one year.

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