Can taxi drivers make motor accident compensation claims?

PUBLISHED 26 Apr 2017

Taxis provide an essential service, with the NSW Taxi Council estimating that drivers complete approximately 175 million passenger journeys in the state each year.

The organisation revealed that the average pick-up time was just 5.9 minutes in 2013, and the industry contributes around $1.15 billion to the NSW economy each year, while providing 17,500 full-time equivalent jobs.

However, transport-related occupations are among the most hazardous in the country. Safe Work Australia statistics show there have been 18 deaths across the transport, postal and warehousing sectors already this year – more than any other industry segments.

Road accidents are among the biggest risks that taxi drivers face, so it's unsurprising that many in the industry will wonder whether they are eligible for compensation should they injure themselves behind the wheel.

Taxi driver compensation claims

The good news for drivers is that they should be entitled to compensation after a motor accident, even when the incident was partly their fault – although the amount of money received will take liability into account.

Depending on the circumstances of the accident, drivers may receive compensation to cover:

  • Hospital, rehabilitation and other medical fees
  • Future medical expenses for injuries resulting from the accident
  • Past and future economic loss due to time off work
  • A lump sum payment for total and permanent disabilities (TPDs)
  • A lump sum payment for pain and suffering

If you are unsure whether or not you are eligible for motor accident compensation, you should contact an experienced law firm that can talk you through the relevant legislation and explore your options.

Can I make other compensation claims?

In addition to a motor accident compensation claim, taxi drivers may also be entitled to other financial payouts due to injuries sustained in a car crash.

For example, permanent disability insurance is commonly included within superannuation funds, or the driver may have a separate TPD policy. Workers' compensation payments could also be available for incidents that occur while the driver is on the job.

However, the interrelationship between different types of compensation claim can be complex, so individuals should enlist the advice of personal injury lawyers in NSW to have the best chance of securing settlements.

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