Breast Augmentation – An Unqualified Warning

PUBLISHED 15 Mar 2018

From time to time the medical profession throws up its share of people who bend the rules to breaking point and don’t provide the treatment, care and outcomes that patients deserve. We are currently investigating a number of cases against a high profile but unqualified plastic surgeon who obtained notoriety waking patients during surgery.

In response to unqualified plastic surgeons – and even general practitioners or dentists – engaging in risky and unprofessional practices, the NSW government amended the law in mid-2016 to require breast augmentations and other procedures to be performed in licensed clinics with standards akin to private hospitals. Queensland has followed suit with similar laws that came into place on 1 January 2018.

However in recent months a sufficiently large number of plastic surgeons were identified by NSW Health Minister, Bradley Hazzard, as potentially defying the law that he saw fit to order an investigation (supported by the Commonwealth and other states) into the industry. The announcement of reforms arising out of that investigation are likely to be months away. Such reforms appear likely, though, to recommend that only doctors with adequate surgical training be permitted to identify themselves and to practice as plastic surgeons.

While the law catches up with common sense, some unscrupulous practitioners remain, preying on the vulnerabilities of patients and lack of transparency in the industry to continue performing procedures without adequate training, care or skill. If you are considering a breast augmentation, or some other procedure no matter how minor, it is vital that you investigate and enquire into the formal training and qualifications of your proposed surgeon. Whilst price is important, a choice of surgeon made on price alone may well be unwise.

If you have already had a breast augmentation or a procedure where the outcome is a long way from what was promised, it may be that the reason for such outcome is that the so called “surgeon” did not possess the training and skills of a surgeon and has negligently injured you. An offer to fix your procedure at a discount rate may, though won’t necessarily always, indicate that a mistake has occurred. Where you suspect that negligence occurred in a first surgery, it may be a foolhardy step to agree to further surgery by the same person without making proper inquires prior. Such further inquiries should include obtaining legal advice.

Gerard Malouf & Partners are able to provide you advice on a no win no fee basis that aims to compensate you for the pain and suffering to which you have been subjected, and to ensure that you receive an amount to cover the full cost of any future corrective surgery by a qualified surgeon. We have an experienced team who have run large numbers of such cases, and who have the experience and skill to identify the issues early, obtain the relevant evidence in a timely and efficient way, and to bring claims to a successful conclusion.

If you, a family member or friend has suffered an adverse outcome from plastic surgery you should seek legal advice promptly, noting that strict time limits apply to all claims for personal injury.

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