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Bathurst driver awarded in excess of $400,000 in damages after a motor vehicle accident, despite delay in lodging claim form

Our client is young rural truck driver based in the Bathurst region and was involved in a motor vehicle accident while he was driving his truck and performing deliveries. As a result of the motor vehicle accident, our client sustained significant physical and psychological injuries.

It was not until almost a year later, that our client begun seeking advice on making a claim for personal injuries as a result of his motor vehicle accident. Our client contacted Gerard Malouf and Partners for advice, and his matter was referred to Vrege Kolokossian, Managing Partner and Accredited Specialist, and his team.

Wasting no time, Vrege and his team lodged an application for personal injury benefits and provided the insurer with an explanation for the delay in making a claim, which was accepted. Vrege and his team then began work on building upon and strengthening our client’s claim for damages as a result of his motor vehicle accident.

Firstly, we retrieved as much information and evidence available to us in order to make a claim for our client’s loss of earnings as he had required extensive time off work. Next, an appointment with an expert Occupational Physician was then arranged, which revealed the full extent of our client’s injuries and how it will affect his ability to work in the future.

Lastly, our office contacted the insurer and provided evidence of the full extent of our client’s injuries, to which the insurer responded by conceding that his injuries exceeded 10% whole person permanent impairment, entitling him to a claim for his pain and suffering.

A claim for common law damages was lodged on behalf of our client, with the insurer accepting liability. We then invited the insurer for settlement discussions and after negotiations, an agreement was made which our client was left satisfied with. Despite the initial delay in lodging the claim, we were able to be proactive and reach a swift resolution of our client’s claim, resolving it within 2 years and avoiding any further unnecessary stress to the client.

If you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident, do not hesitate in contacting Gerard Malouf and Partners at 1800 004 878 for an obligation and cost free with our specialist lawyers for advice.


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