Bankstown man receives over $170,000.00 despite large sums already paid

PUBLISHED 02 Jun 2015

Our client was working as a fitter at the time of his accident. As a consequence of his work he was constantly squatting and crouching with associated pulling and twisting actions. He tended to favour his right leg when performing these actions and as such took more weight on that leg. He began to feel a twinge in his right knee a couple of years into his employment, he went to a general practitioner thereafter and returned to work. After another year of this employment he ceased his full duties and underwent an arthroscopy, having a total knee replacement a year after this. Our client lost his position as a result of these injuries and has been unemployed since. By way of workers compensation payout, the insurer has paid our client a total of over $200,000.00 to date.

Our client has been unable to work since the accident and remains in a position where he cannot undertake his pre-injury employment duties. As such he attended upon us, understandably worried about his future. The experienced workers compensation solicitors at Gerard Malouf and Partners had the client attend medical appointments, where it was determined that our client’s whole person impairment exceeded the 15% threshold. Ultimately, this meant that our client had rights to make a claim for work injury damages, being a claim foreconomic loss.

The solicitors and barristers working on behalf of our client attended a mediation with the insurers legal representative in an attempt to settle the claim. This was a successful endeavour. After several hours of negotiating and back and forth, an agreement was finally reached.  The final amount agreed upon was just under $200,000 which was an astonishing result considering was approaching retiring age. Of importance in regard to this settlement amount, the previously mentioned figure of $200,000.00 was not required to be paid back.

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