Albury man receives $250,000 compensation after his finger is amputated due to medical negligence

PUBLISHED 30 Apr 2018

In this matter, our client has a standard need to have a wart on his finger removed. He sought care from his local General Practitioner to remove this damaged tissue. No attempts at freezing, burning or otherwise referring this patient were undertaken. Instead an attempt was made to excise the lesion, which was impacted and growing into the joint of his finger.

After his local General Practitioner performed this procedure, our client noticed something was not right. He continued to suffer pain and discomfort, and made complaints to his doctor. Unfortunately his doctor ignored these complaints and misdiagnosed his symptoms as gout, without taking further investigation into the pain. As it turned out, his tendon was actually exposed and damaged.

As a result our client was left to suffer for multiple months without the correct diagnosis.

Eventually after further investigations were completed through ultra sound and instance of our client, it was discovered that he had suffered damage to his tendon as a result of the initial procedure. This damage necessitated in ongoing surgery resulting in pain and restriction in movement.

Unfortunately the surgical attempts were unsuccessful at solving the nerve and tendon damage that our client was suffering from and as all treatment options were exhausted, our client required an amputation of his finger.

With this clear mistreatment, our client sought the expert help of Gerard Malouf and Partners. Compensation Lawyer Keegan Behrens took on this case and strongly argued on behalf of his client that the General Practitioner was medically negligent by failing to adequately perform the initial procedure as well as provide appropriate after care to the wound.

With the help of Gerard Malouf and Partners, a proper investigation into our client’s treatment was able to take place. Through effective negotiations, Compensation Lawyer Keegan Behrens and his team, as well as an expert barrister, negotiated and settled upon an order for the treating doctor to compensate our client $250,000.00 worth of damages due to medical negligence.

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