A 67 year old accountant slips and falls on his way out of his office

PUBLISHED 17 Jul 2013

We recently obtained an outstanding result in a matter that appeared to have little chances of success.

After a day of work our client was on his way to the elevator when he slipped and fell on the wet pavement hurting his knee, shoulder and wrist. The water on the ground had been left by a cleaner who failed to place warnings of the risk posed by the wet floor.

Our investigations revealed that our client suffered from osteoarthritis and that as a result of this condition he would require surgical treatment in the future. This finding reduced the size of the claim.

We initially commenced proceedings against the main cleaning contractor for the building and then found out that the cleaning was carried out by two subcontractors.  Regrettably, neither of the subcontractors had a valid public liability cover nor presented any chance of being able to recover any damages.

We arranged for our client to be seen by different medical experts but each doctor confirmed the unrelated nature of our client osteoarthritis. 

The claim was listed to be heard by a Judge of the District Court of NSW.

Our client did not wish to have his case heard by a Court and instructed us to attempt to resolve the matter before the hearing date.

In the circumstances, we were successful in negotiating and secure a good outcome for our despite the fact that his compensable injuries were negligible when compared to his unrelated conditions.

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