90 Year Old Woman Receives Compensation After Being Involved In A Car Accident

PUBLISHED 17 Aug 2018

This matter involved a 90 year old grandmother, who was the passenger in her family member’s car.

As her family were driving on their normal route in a familiar Western Sydney neighborhood, another vehicle collided with their car, causing the grandmother to suffer injuries. Despite their car having a green light and the right of way, another vehicle failed to stop at a red light, leading to a front on collision.

The careless actions of another driver could have led to serious consequences for this 90 year old woman but fortunately, she managed to escape the event with only soft tissue damage and rib fractures.

Prior to the law changes in December 2017, these types of injuries were seen to have serious impacts on an individual’s future prospects in relation to the care they received at home and the treatment they would need into the future.  Unfortunately, since the changes to motor vehicle accident compensation laws in NSW, elderly individuals similar to our client would have increased difficulty fighting for their entitlements against their CTP insurers.   

Luckily this accident happened before the legal changes came into affect, so we were able to use the pre-existing laws to the benefit of our elderly client, who had been through enough of an ordeal.

 At Gerard Malouf and Partners Compensation Lawyers, we are specialists in Motor Vehicle Accident Claims. We fight hard for our clients and understand how to achieve the best outcomes for everyone that we represent. 

In order to resolve this dispute for our client, and settle this matter quickly, we initiated a settlement conference with our client’s insurer, avoiding unnecessary legal costs and delay. 

Consequently, we managed to settle this claim out of court, and reach a fair outcome for our client. In this way, our client was able to avoid the often long and daunting stress of a court case. We took care to ensure that our client was comfortable throughout the process, to minimize the often overwhelming process that can be associated with personal injury claims.

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