$850,000 In Compensation for Serious Injuries Sustained in a NSW Motor Vehicle Accident

PUBLISHED 03 Mar 2015

Whilst driving home from work one afternoon our client’s vehicle was involved in a heavy rear end collision. As a result of the collision our client sustained serious injury to his neck. Following the accident he contacted Gerard Malouf and Partners to act on his behalf in a claim for compensation for injuries sustained in a NSW motor vehicle accident.

Scans later revealed that our client had sustained disc herniation at 2 levels of his cervical spine (his neck) which were compressing his spinal cord. As a result of his injuries the client required surgery to fuse his neck.

As a result of his injuries our client was unable to return to heavy labouring work. We were able to claim compensation for our client’s lost wages from the date of the accident and into the future.

We were also able to claim compensation for our client’s treatment expenses including medication, physiotherapy, specialist consultations, etc. Compensation was also claimed for the domestic assistance our client now required around the home in attending to general domestic duties such as mowing the lawns, garden maintenance, vacuuming, etc.

Our experienced team of motor accident solicitors gathered extensive medical evidence to support our client’s claim and enable him to claim a substantial sum for the pain and suffering he experienced as a result of the motor accident.

We were able to negotiate a favourable settlement for our client without the need of Court proceedings. Our client received $850,000 in compensation. He was ecstatic with the result achieved without the need of costly and lengthy Court proceedings.

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