80 year old lady compensated $43,000 following injuries she received in a motor vehicle accident 6 months earlier

PUBLISHED 13 Nov 2017

In late 2015 a 80 year old lady asked us to help her following injuries she had received in a motor vehicle accident which occurred when a car turned right in front of her without warning in Wentworthville. She had suffered injuries to her leg and shoulders. Our client came to our Parramatta office. The first issue of concern for us as her Solicitor was that the accident had happened nearly six months earlier.  There are very strict time frames involved in making claims for injuries, particularly when they arise from motor vehicle collisions, and these sorts of claims need to be made within six months of the date of the collision. We were able to complete the necessary forms and have them with the insurer when there was only a few days left on the six month time limit.

Once we were retained under our no win no fee personal injury compensation cost agreement we took care of all costs associated with the preparation of our client’s claim.

Gerard Malouf & Partners compensation lawyers strongly believes that the adequate preparation of a case starts with a good first interview.  In this case we spent a long time interviewing our client to obtain full details of the accident and instructions as to how the injuries suffered by our client had impacted on her life.

At Gerard Malouf & Partners compensation lawyers we are familiar with cases that involve similar sets of circumstances.   As we often need to do in similar cases we carry out of own independent forensic investigations with respect to the issues of liability such as obtaining the Police report as well as requesting medical records from our client’s general practitioner and hospital she attended after the collision.  After we had successfully lodged the personal injury claim form with the CTP insurer with only days remaining on the six month time limit we described in detail to the insurer our client’s injuries, disabilities and considerable treatment expenses suffered by her.

The quality and details of the instructions received played a key role in this matter as we were able to address both the strengths and weaknesses of the case at an early stage.

The injuries received meant a great loss of enjoyment of everyday life for our client together with a greatly restricted ability to undertake her normal house hold tasks.  She could no longer enjoy cooking for her children and grandchildren when they visited.  Our client also needed further treatment in order to prevent her condition from worsening as she continued to get older. 

While a claim like this is not large and many other solicitors would not consider taking on the claim and fighting for proper compensation, we firmly believe that our client was entitled to compensation.  As a result of our expert negotiation abilities which Gerard Malouf & Partners compensation lawyers has developed over many years of fighting for proper compensation we were able to settle the claim for $43,000.00.

Our client was very pleased with the outcome of the case.  The amount of compensation was a real reflection of what she had been through, a recognition of how her life had changed, and provided her with the ability to continue with her medical treatment so that she can continue to enjoy time with her family.

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