71 year old Grandmother receives $450,000 for whiplash injuries sustained in a car accident

PUBLISHED 01 Feb 2016

Whilst travelling through an intersection with the protection of a green arrow, an oncoming vehicle failed to give way, colliding heavily into the passenger side of the vehicle in which our client was traveling.  Our client was the front seat passenger, and as result of the impact she sustained a whiplash injury to her neck and shoulders. She attended upon her local doctor who diagnosed her with whiplash.

After a few weeks with no improvement to her neck injury our client was sent of x-rays and a CT scan of her spine. This revealed that she had sustained a disc prolapse at the C5/6 level of her neck. She was recommended to undergo spinal fusion surgery as a result of this injury. Our client elected to put off the surgery as long as she could. As a result of these injuries our client experienced pain and intermittent pins and needles running down into her right arm which also caused weakness and fatigue.

Our experienced motor accident compensation lawyers were able to assist our client in bringing forth a claim for compensation for her injuries. We first assisted in having a personal injury claim form completed and submitted with the insurer of the vehicle at fault to allow all of our client’s treatment expenses to be covered so that she was not out of pocket. We organised for assessments with approved medico-legal doctors and reports from her specialists to identify the full extent of her injuries.

Our compensation lawyers made a claim on our client’s behalf for her non-economic loss (that is, pain and suffering), her out of pocket treatment expenses for both the past and the future, and her need for domestic assistance to perform chores around the home for both the past and into the future.

We were able to organise an informal settlement conference with the CTP Insurer so that negotiations in relation to our client’s claim could be discussed prior to lengthy and costly legal action and assessment. We were able to successfully negotiate a settlement for our client whereby the CTP Insurer agreed to pay $450,000.00.

Our client, a 71 year old grandmother was over the moon with the result. She has been able to set aside the settlement funds to cover all of her future expenses and she can now relax, knowing that she can continue to receive ongoing domestic assistance around the home and meet all of her treatment costs.

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