$60,000 compensation for whiplash caused by hit from behind car accident

PUBLISHED 03 Oct 2013

Our 27-year old client suffered whiplash in a car accident when she was hit from behind by another vehicle.

Medical issues

Our client had no history of any previous neck injury and had extensive physiotherapy treatment and saw numerous specialists about the problems she was having with her neck.

The CTP insurer quickly accepted liability for her whiplash injury and paid for her medical treatment which she sought from her GP and specialists and which also included Pilates exercise classes and Chinese therapy.


In June 2013 we had an informal settlement conference with the CTP insurer but at that stage the CTP insurer disputed that a number of our client’s treatment providers were genuine. After some investigation, the CTP insurer finally conceded our client had legitimately had treatment to her neck and agreed to settle the claim for $60,000. Our client was extremely happy with the result as she may need to have surgery in the future for her whiplash.

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