60 year old man compensated $320,000 after a medical imaging clinic negligently administered epidural injection in his spine

PUBLISHED 05 Dec 2015

Our client was experiencing intermittent lower back pain accompanied by slight numbness in his legs. After consulting his general practitioner, he was referred to have an epidural injection in his lower back at a local medical imaging clinic in Western Sydney.

During this injection he experienced abnormal pain in his back as well as sudden and severe heaviness in his legs. Later that evening, our client reported his lower limbs had become completely paralysed and he was transported by ambulance to the nearest hospital.

MRI scans and a consultation with a neurosurgeon revealed our client now had a malfunction in his spinal cord and he had developed disc problems affecting his lumbar spine. Our client was forced to undergo back surgery as a direct result of the epidural injection being inserted in the wrong place.

Due to his injuries and damage, our client has been forced to suffer with constant lower back pain which requires constant attendances to neurologists and other specialists. He also experiences numbness and weakness in both legs, which have altered his gait and created a limp and have restricted him from participating in his usual activities such as exercising, playing golf and touch football. The injuries have severely and negatively affected our client, not just in the obvious physical conditions, but psychologically as well; our client found it very difficult to cope with his daily reminders of his physical limitations and become quite depressed.

With nowhere else to turn, our client made the decision to meet and discuss his concerns with the expert legal professionals here at Gerard Malouf & Partners in hopes to receive some sort of justice for his injuries due to medical negligence. After thorough investigations and discussions with our medical professionals, Gerard Malouf & Partners were able to substantiate our client’s claim of medical negligence against the medical imaging clinic and pursue appropriate legal action.

Gerard Malouf & Partners were able to mediate an outcome for our client that compensated him for his pain and suffering, as well as the costs of his past and future treatments. We were able to avoid our client incurring exorbitant costs and uncertainties associated with going to trial.

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