PUBLISHED 27 Jun 2013

Our 50-year old client was pushing a shopping trolley in a large department store. As he turned a corner he slipped on a skateboard which had been left on the floor after it had gone under his shopping trolley.

Medical issues

Our client sustained a stress fracture to his left ankle and suffered pain in his left leg and hip.

Our client had a long history of previous significant injuries to his left ankle which he had suffered at a supermarket and at work.

Court proceedings

We commenced Court proceedings against the department store and claimed negligence for failing to ensure the aisles in the store were free of goods or obstructions and failing to carry out regular inspections of the aisles of the store.

The Defendant disputed negligence and claimed our client’s injuries could not have occurred in the manner he had stated.


We held an informal settlement conference with the Defendant and, despite our client’s previous injuries to his left ankle, and the claims he had already received from the supermarket and in relation to an old workers compensation claim, we were able to ultimately settle the matter for $50,000.

Our client was very happy with the result.

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