50 Year old woman receives $375,000 compensation after a fall whilst leaving her local store

PUBLISHED 18 Mar 2016

A Penrith women was picking up a few items at her local store and returning to her car when suddenly a life changing event occurred. As she walked out the door she stepped onto uneven ground which was under construction, causing her to fall and injure her back. After scans revealed serious damage to the woman’s lower back she contacted Gerard Malouf & Partners Compensation Lawyers who specialise in personal injuries.

Gerard Malouf & Partners were able to act quickly and confirm with the injured woman that we could act on her behalf in making a claim for compensation on a no win, no fee basis. Our experienced compensation lawyers undertook investigations which revealed there was not sufficient warning or signage to alert patrons of the construction work being carried out or the uneven ground below. We qualified an engineer to prepare a report confirming the liability of the shopping centre and construction company. In light of the evidence gathered it was clear that we would have a strong case showing the negligence of the other parties in causing our client’s injures.

Our client had a previous condition to her lower back which was aggravated and exacerbated by this fall. As a result of the injury our client required a spinal fusion and substantial follow up treatment including physiotherapy and hydrotherapy.

Our compensation solicitors commenced proceedings in the NSW District Court to pursue a claim for compensation on behalf of our client. We obtained medical reports and evidence in support of our client’s ongoing injures and disabilities as a result of the defendants’ negligence. We brought a claim on behalf of our client claiming compensation for her pain and suffering, out of pocket expenses for treatment, and the care and domestic assistance she now required as a result of her injures. There was no claim for lost wages in this matter as our client was not working for many years prior to the accident, and no had intention of returning to work.

We were able to successfully negotiate a settlement of our client’s claim whereby she received $375,000 for her injures.

Our client was able to use these funds to relieve her financial pressures and also set aside a substantial amount for her future needs.

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