$45,000 Compensation for Slip & Fall in Supermarket

PUBLISHED 01 Oct 2013

Our 54-year old client had a slip and fall in a supermarket on dirt on a grape and / or onion skin on the floor.

Medical issues

Our client sustained a neck injury from the slip & fall and aggravated pre-existing spinal injuries. She had also previously had another fall in a different supermarket where she also sustained a neck injury.

Our client’s previous neck injury meant the neck injury from this fall was only a mere aggravation of the injury she had previously sustained.

Court proceedings

We commenced Court proceedings against the supermarket and claimed negligence for failing to ensure the floor was safe, failing to clean the produce from the floor and failing to have an adequate system of cleaning in place.

The Defendant denied negligence and said the grape was an obvious risk which our client should have seen and should have avoided. The Defendant also claimed our client should have looked out for her own safety, should have seen the grape on the floor and accordingly, she should have avoided it.


At an informal settlement we ultimately settled our client’s slip and fall in a supermarket for $45,000 in compensation for which our client was extremely grateful.

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