PUBLISHED 02 Jul 2013

Our 52-year old client had just finished paying for purchases at a major department store when she turned away and tripped on a tablecloth which was draped over a nearby display stand.

Medical issues

Our client fractured her left ankle in the fall and was off work as a result of the injury for about 4 weeks. Once she returned to work she was on restricted duties and was unable to travel on long-distance flights as she had previously done before the injury.

Over time, our client was finally able to return to her pre-injury duties and the injury to her left ankle improved.

Court proceedings

We had commenced Court proceedings against the department store and claimed negligence for failing to secure the tablecloth, allowing the tablecloth to become a trip hazard and for placing the table in an area open to pedestrian traffic.

The Defendant denied negligence and claimed our client contributed to her own injury by failing to watch where she was walking, not keeping a proper lookout and not taking care of her own safety.


Despite their position the Defendant agreed to attend an Informal Settlement Conference and the matter ultimately settled for $40,000 public liability compensation. Our client was very happy with the result as her injuries have now resolved.

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