40 Year Old Man From Central Coast Region Awarded $90,000 After Fall At Local Supermarket

PUBLISHED 26 Jan 2018

In this matter, we acted for a client who sustained injuries after falling on a slippery area of floor in the fresh produce area of the supermarket. As our client was walking through this area, he slipped on what he later discovered to be oily food on the floor. Consequently, our client fell heavily to the floor and sustained injuries to his back, left knee and ankle.

Our client sought a personal injury lawyer to investigate his claim and contacted Gerard Malouf & Partners for advice on his rights and entitlements to compensation.

After obtaining our client’s instructions and completing our initial investigations with respect to the accident, we were in a position to commence proceedings against the subject supermarket.  

It was alleged that the Defendant failed to take reasonable care for the safety of our client and other patrons to the supermarket. This included a failure to adequately inspect the produce area of the supermarket, clean contaminates on the floors or warn patrons of the hazard so as to avoid the risk of harm materialising.

Upon commencement of proceedings, the Defendant strongly denied that they were negligent in the circumstances of our client’s accident.

In order to assess the extent of our client’s injuries and ongoing disabilities, we arranged for our client to be examined by an Occupational Physician for the purposes of obtaining an expert report. The purpose of this report was to ascertain a diagnosis of our client’s injuries and disabilities arising from the subject accident and provide a prognosis as to the extent that his compensable injuries will impact upon his future.

Upon completion of the service of our client’s medical and liability expert evidence, we were in a position to invite the Defendant to participate in an Informal Settlement Conference to ascertain whether the parties could come to fair and reasonable resolution for our client’s claim.

The Defendant was willing to participate and after extensive negotiations on the day, we were able to successfully negotiate a fair and just outcome of $90,000.00 and resolve his claim. Our client was pleased with the result without the need to proceed his claim further to a hearing.

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