39 Year Old Doonside Woman Receives $365,000 Payout Following Bowel Perforation During Myomectomy

PUBLISHED 17 Jul 2018

Our client was a 39 year old woman from Doonside who underwent elective surgery for removal of fibroids from uterus, as well as a cyst from her ovary.

Unfortunately, complications arose following this relatively routine operation, where our client suffered a post-operative harmorrhage as well as a bowel perforation. Because of the bowel perforation, our client had free fluid within her abdomen, as well as free gas. She contracted sepsis and it was noted that her sigmoid colon had narcosis. As a result of our client’s sepsis, she required review surgery and sustained neurological damage resulting in a right foot drop.

This was a very unfortunate incident where a simple procedure performed negligently resulted in a downward spiral for our client, and she suffered many post-surgical complications which could have been avoided had the initial operation been performed correctly and had our client been managed correctly following her operation.

This lady approached Gerard Malouf & Partners and was clearly very distressed about everything she had gone through, and she sought our expert legal advice so that the negligent doctor could be held accountable and that such problems would not occur again for another patient.

Our expert medical negligence solicitor, Leslie Abboud, quickly gathered all the necessary information from our client and began preparing her case with professionalism and diligence. He contacted several expert doctors and requested that they comment on what had transpired. An expert obstetrician & gynaecologist supported Leslie and our client in their views and drafted a report in support. This crucial evidence was used in support of our client’s claim, as well as reports from an expert occupational therapist and a psychiatrist in relation to the damage she had suffered.

Upon gathering all the necessary evidence, Leslie Abboud, with the assistance and guidance of an expert barrister, attended mediation with the belief that a good result could be obtained for our client. Such a result was obtained, as after lengthy negotiations we were able to secure a judgement for our client against the defendant in the sum of $365,000.

Our client was very happy with the result, and this money will help her get her life back on track and get the medical treatment she needs.

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