$350,000 Settlement for Infected Wound Following Bladder Repair Surgery

PUBLISHED 08 Nov 2012

Our client suffered extreme pain and discomfort due to an internal infected wound caused by her gynaecologist using the incorrect type of mesh in performing bladder repair surgery.  Our young client has required further surgery to treat the infected wound.

Our client was referred by her General Practitioner to a Gynaecologist to receive treatment following an abnormal pap smear. She subsequently was advised that she required a cone biopsy procedure. As a result of this procedure our client needed to have a hysterectomy and bladder repair surgery.

During bladder repair surgery, mesh was attached to our client’s bladder to support the prolapsed bladder.  The incorrect type of mesh was used during the operation. Perigee mesh was used instead of collagen and it was placed in the wrong position which resulted in severe post-operative infection. Consequently our client suffered severe pain and discomfort following the surgery.

Following her complaints about the pain and discomfort our client’s General Practitioner found that her mesh was frayed causing a gaping internal, infected wound.

Our client had to undergo two further remedial operations to treat the infection which by this point had spread.

Our specialised medical negligence lawyers obtained medical expert reports and opinions and determined that negligence by our client’s gynaecologist is present based on the failure to advise and failure to warn our client about the risks involved with undergoing bladder repair surgery, use of the incorrect type of mesh in the surgery, and failure to inform our client about risk and other mesh products.

At Gerard Malouf and Partners, our specialised lawyer Mr Leslie Abboud claimed past and future medical expenses, past and future out-of-pocket expenses and domestic care.  He obtained a settlement of $350,000 inclusive of legal costs.

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