$200,000 Compensation due to GP Doctor Failing to Diagnose Fracture

PUBLISHED 19 Dec 2014

Our client, a 25 year old female, suffered your typical every day injury while walking on uneven ground in high heel shoes and rolled her ankle. She presented to the nearest medical centre and was the victim of incomplete examination. The General Practitioner (“GP”) on duty failed our client by incompletely examining the localized tenderness of the ankle. The GP failed to properly assess the stability of the ankle and refer our client for an X-ray. This treatment fell below standard and acceptable practice in Australia and led to failure to diagnose a spiral fracture.

Concerned about her future and the ability to care for herself and earn a living, our client reached out to Gerard Malouf & Partners who took this young women’s doctor negligence claim without hesitation and without obtaining any money up front. After extensive investigations and discovery, our team of solicitors and experts were able to determine the care our client received was well below the standard of care that is expected in Australia. As a direct result of the GP’s overly conservative treatment, he neglected to refer our client for an x-ray and surgical intervention. The simple failure to perform an x-ray and failure to diagnose her broken ankle resulted in our client undergoing multiple surgical treatments for her injuries.

Gerard Malouf & Partners provided our client with the opportunity to properly investigate and assess the nature of her treatment and was able to secure her a $200,000 settlement without the additional costs of having to go to trial. We discovered the poor outcome of our client’s fractured ankle could have been avoided with immediate and effective treatment. With precise realignment of the injured components, our client would have avoided further and unnecessary injury but she was rightfully compensated for the GP’s failure.

We are a highly focused and specialised law firm that is small enough to care, yet large enough to have the solid financial, medical and expert resources to match the big defendants and insurance firms. Our “no win no fee” arrangements and written guarantees to reduce fees in the unlikely event of a poor result is unmatched in the legal industry Australia-wide.

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