PUBLISHED 04 Jul 2013

Our 86-year old client was walking past a display stand of BBQs in a large department store when, without warning, they fell on him, causing him to sustain a laceration injury to his leg.

Medical issues

Our client sustained lacerations to his right shin which then turned into ulcers. He had numerous other medical conditions which complicated his recovery.

The client’s ulcers ultimately healed.

Court proceedings

Our compensation lawyers commenced Court proceedings against the department store as our earlier attempts to settle the matter outside Court failed and claimed negligence for failing to construct a safe display, failing to warn our client the display could collapse and exposing our client to a risk of injury which could have been avoided by reasonable care.

The Defendant appointed solicitors to act on their behalf but they did not respond to our allegations of negligence. The solicitors persuaded their client to participate in a further informal settlement conference.


The matter settled before the informal settlement conference took place after the Defendant’s solicitors made an offer which our client was happy to accept and the matter ultimately settled for $20,000 compensation.

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