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17 year old boy receives compensation after being struck by mirror of a passing ambulance

We acted for Mr X who was riding his bicycle home from school. He decided to jump off his bicycle and walk and as he walked on the side of the road an ambulance which was driving by and which drove too close to the kerb struck him with its mirror causing him an injury to his neck and shoulder.

Action taken:-

Mr X was unsure if he had a claim and in fact he approached our firm with the insurance company rejecting his claim.

After extensive investigations trying to ascertain who the correct ambulance was we eventually discovered the identity of the ambulance and a claim form was lodged against it.

The insurance company accepted our explanation for the delay in making the claim as the claimant only had 6 months to make it and the fact that he did not know the identity of the ambulance was a good enough reason.

Liability was accepted by the insurer.

Our client was on a disability support pension at the time and was not working.


The parties discussed the matter at a settlement conference in March and the matter resolved in the sum of $25,000.00 plus costs.

Mr X’s legal fees were paid in full because he was under the age of 18 and he was very pleased with the result noting that most of the medical evidence obtained on his behalf only showed that he had a temporary injury which should have probably healed by now.

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