$120,000 Medical Negligence Compensation for Orange lady for fatal delay of treatment to relative

PUBLISHED 18 Aug 2017

In late 2012, the aunt of our client presented to the Emergency Department of a Western NSW Hospital (the Defendant Hospital) with nausea. On presentation, the Defendant Hospital knew that the aunt was a diabetic.

The aunt was diagnosed with gastroenteritis and/or hypoglycaemia and was placed onto an intravenous drip to re-hydrate. She was also given an infusion of insulin.

She remained at the Defendant Hospital for 4 days until she complained of pain in her chest below both breasts radiating to her back. The pain was more painful while breathing in and she was getting intermittent shortness of breath. Later that evening, the nurse on duty contacted a doctor informing him about her condition but no specific tests or treatment was provided.

The next day, the nursing staff noted ongoing pain in her chest. An ECG was ordered, and she was seen by another doctor who said she would have to be seen by a cardiologist. No referral was made that day, and she was only transferred to a Base hospital in western NSW. Upon transfer, she was diagnosed with acute myocardial infarction/cardiogenic shock and was transferred urgently to a major hospital in Sydney.

As a result of a heart wall rupture at the site of the myocardial infarction, she died a few days after that.

Our client witnessed the events leading up to her aunt’s passing and was greatly affected by it. She sustained significant psychological injury that arose as a result of the slow treatment of her aunt.

She presented to our firm, and our specialist medical negligence team, led by Mr Leslie Abboud, quickly paid for the matter to be reviewed by an expert emergency physician on a no-win, no fee basis. Together, they found that the Defendant Hospital failed to treat the Deceased’s chest pain on initial presentation in a timely manner. Had this been done, the probability of her survival and her life expectancy could have been improved commensurate with treated coronary artery disease.

With the physical injuries proven, Mr Abboud arranged an appointment for our client to see an expert psychiatrist, where Gerard Malouf and Partners paid the fees upfront for the assessment. The expert psychiatrist showed that the client had indeed suffered severe psychiatric injury from the incident.

After receiving the evidence, Mr Abboud and his team, together with an expert barrister, quickly brought legal proceedings against the hospital. Through effective negotiations, they negotiated and settled upon an order for the hospital to compensate our client $120,000 due to the defendants’ negligence.

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