Public transport accident in Beecroft claims mother’s life

Date: May 03, 2012

A public transport accident in a north-west suburb of Sydney has claimed the life of a local woman as she was crossing the street with her baby.

Police say that the pedestrian collision occurred at the intersection of Beecroft Road and Hannah Road in Beecroft at around 15:20 on May 2 and involved a bus full of school children.

Initial reports indicate that the victim was a 38-year-old woman who lived nearby and was carrying her 11-month-old baby girl with her as she crossed the road.

It is not yet clear how the accident came to occur, as investigators have yet to release any material that sheds light on the circumstances immediately before the crash.

Official releases state that the woman may have been crossing the road to meet with her 11-year-old daughter who was arriving home from a school camp.

According to police inspector Darren Jameson, the incident could have been made worse if the young girl – who was on the same bus – had actually witnessed the event.

Inspector Jameson told reporters: "The 11-year-old daughter of the mother was on the bus with other school children, fortunately she didn't see the incident, but she was on the bus."

"It's a tragic day, not only for the family, but the witnesses who were here and also the police and other emergency services who treated her at the scene."

The inspector praised the efforts of bystanders who rushed to the aid of the woman as she went under the bus and extended his appreciation to the members of the public who looked after the baby after it was sent flying down the street by the impact.

"The baby [was] released into Hannah Street where bystanders have rushed to not only her aid but also the baby's aid," said Mr Jameson.

"There were numerous bystanders including a local doctor who assisted with CPR in trying to revive the woman."

While the baby was unharmed by the ordeal, the mother was pronounced dead at the scene by emergency services.

Police closed off the roadway for a number of hours to allow forensic crash investigators from the Eastwood Local Area Command to examine the scene.

The bus in question was seized by the authorities for mechanical examination, while the 69-year-old male driver has attended medical facilities to comply with the mandatory blood and urine testing that goes with a fatal pedestrian accident.

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