Public to have say on road safety in Toronto

Date: Jul 07, 2014

Community members in Toronto, just south of Newcastle, are urged to participate in the consultation process of safety upgrades.

Cary Street, which up to 20,000 vehicles use each day, is due for long-needed infrastructure improvements after a spate of injuries and incidents over recent years. A drop-in session was held late last month, but authorities still require the support and feedback of local residents and businesses.

According to Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) NSW, there have been 27 crashes between James and Bay streets since December 2012. Of this, 12 have resulted in injuries to both motorists and pedestrians.

A spokesperson for RMS said design changes between The Boulevarde and Victory Parade at Toronto aim to reduce congestion and improve travel times and safety for motorists.

“The design includes installing traffic lights at the Donnelly Avenue and James Street intersection and right turn bays on Cary Street for northbound and southbound traffic,” the spokesperson said.

“The upgrade would also include pedestrian paths and lighting on the western side of Cary Street between Thorne and Bay streets and a new pedestrian crossing to provide safer access to local businesses and residences.

Not only is Cary Street the main thoroughfare through the city of Lake Macquarie, it is also an important access route to the many residential, commercial and recreational areas on the western side of lake. The RMS spokesperson indicated rush hour traffic is a major focus of the design.

“The upgrade aims to address the delays motorists experience during peak times at this location due to turning traffic sharing a lane with through traffic.”

Residents can view the proposed designs at the local Motor Registry, however, Roads and Maritime Services is taking submissions on the changes until July 11.

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