Pregnant woman killed in truck collision

Date: Oct 11, 2011

A crash involving a prime mover and a Holden Cruze at an intersection in Forbes has claimed the life of a pregnant mother aged 23.

Police say that the incident occurred around 12:30 on October 9 when the female driver of the Holden that was travelling on Warroo Bridge Road turned right on to Henry Lawson Way before colliding with the heavy vehicle.

The victim – who was seven months pregnant – was rushed by emergency workers to the nearby Forbes Hospital but later died of her extensive injuries.

A two-year-old boy was also in the Holden at the time of the accident – he was taken to the same medical facility with minor injuries but has since been released into the care of relatives.

While the male driver of the prime mover was not injured during the accident, he was also taken to the hospital to undergo mandatory blood and urine testing.

Inquiries into the events surrounding the collision are continuing, with officers from Forbes being joined by forensic crash investigators.

However at this stage it appears that there were no extenuating factors and that the Holden simply pulled out in front of the oncoming truck.

Police Inspector Dave Cooper spoke on the incident, saying it was "a tragic day" before commenting that the family of the victim had his sympathies.

Cooper stated: "It just highlights yet again that life is so fragile and our thoughts and feelings of course go out to the family and the extended family."

He also said that – despite the best efforts of the medical personnel at the hospital – the unborn child was unable to be saved.

Under NSW legislation, car accident compensation can be made available to victims to help them cover the costs of rehabilitation therapies and other medical costs.

Lump sum amounts can also be provided in cases where individuals have their quality of life irreparably damaged.

The Motor Accidents Authority also provides avenues for victims even if they can be shown to be partially at fault.

In cases where a collision was not the fault of any driver involved – such as those resulting from unforeseeable mechanical failure or the sudden onset of a previously undiagnosed medical condition, parties are still able to apply for payments with the assistance of a car accident lawyer.

Compensation can also help to cover financial losses sustained as a result of a crash.

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