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Practising road safety at intersections

Driving on busy roads always involves a little bit of risk – it is important to be focused and alert at all times in order to stay safe behind the wheel.

From keeping an eye out for pedestrians and other vehicles, to sticking to the speed limit and being aware of road rules in different areas, driving is a time for concentration.

More experienced motorists will know that a bit of chatter and music is okay, but getting into heated discussions behind the wheel or caught up in a loud song can cause you to become easily distracted – and may even slow down your reaction time.

And it goes without saying that drugs and alcohol have no place behind the wheel.

That said, every day the New South Wales police have to keep a constant presence in order to stop speeders, drunk drivers and other offenders from putting motorists at risk.

Patrol units often set up alcohol tests, place speed cameras in strategic places and generally monitor the roads, trying to catch those who are not obeying the rules before they cause harm.

However, not all accidents are a result of reckless behaviour. While some drivers genuinely put people at risk, others may only get distracted for a moment and as a result be involved in an incident.

From nose to tail crashes to clipping a wing mirror, minor and major accidents happen every day.

A particular area of concern is intersections. Whether people are in a hurry and do not take the time to properly look or simply miss a vehicle in their blind spot, crashes at stop signs, lights and roundabouts are common.

To stay safe in these situations, here are a few basic tips that may help you minimise the risk of collision.

Be patient

Slow down and be patient – and stop if necessary – before making any decisions at an intersection. This can help you to be 100 per cent sure that there are no other vehicles in your path before you pull out.

Check your blind spot

Too often collisions are the result of someone not checking their blind spot. Take the time to crane your neck and check all those places that do not come into view through your mirrors.

Slow down, don’t speed up

Speeding up for orange lights is a classic mistake that too many motorists make. Instead of trying to catch the light before it goes red, take it as your cue to slow down.

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