Potential street racing leads to lethal car accident in New South Wales

Date: Nov 19, 2013

Over the past decade or so, the popularity of illegal street racing has risen around the world.

However, this dangerous activity has claimed the lives of many teenagers and led to countless car accident injuries as more young drivers believe it's acceptable to race at high speeds through urban environments.

The most recent accident involving street racing occurred in the southwest part of Sydney, where police believe a race is what led to the death of one man and caused five more people to be seriously injured.

The investigation has so far found evidence that 18-year-old Amin Asfour was riding in the passenger seat of one car that experts say was likely to have been racing at high speeds before it lost control and crashed. Emergency officials said Mr Asfour died at the scene of the crash.

Officials transported five more people to the hospital, with one man reported to have sustained serious head injuries.

Experts say the crash occurred when a Mitsubishi Lancer and a Nissan Pulsar collided while traveling east on a Sydney highway.

Both cars crossed over the centre median and crashed head-on into a Mercedes and another Nissan Pulsar. Mr Asfour's cousin was driving the vehicle in which they were riding, and he was taken to Liverpool Hospital with serious head injuries.

Looking into the car accident injuries

To determine an exact cause of the accident, officials from the Metropolitan Crash Investigation Unit completely shut down Hume Highway in both directions.

The cars and wreckage were examined for several hours, and many of the vehicles that were involved have been taken to another location for further examination. To help understand the factors of the crash, police are asking anyone with information to come forward.

However, the early indications paint a clear picture that the accident was the result of illegal street racing.

This form of racing is quickly becoming a problem for motorists in New South Wales. NSW Police Inspector David Firth recently told Macquarie Radio all it takes is one race to change the lives of drivers, passengers and their families forever through fatal car accidents.

"Any vehicles involved in street racing are taking a very big risk both with their own lives and those of the other occupants of their vehicles," he said.

"You've also got to have a consideration for other people related to them, and the impact it has on them."

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