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Police urge safety at NSW intersections and rail crossings

Intersections and rail crossings are coming under increased scrutiny in NSW, as authorities seek to reduce the incidence of traffic and pedestrian accidents.

The latest operation carried out by NSW police – Operation Franklin – saw two major Sydney intersections become the focus of a road safety crackdown.

Police set up at the intersections of George Street and Bathurst Street and of George Street and Park Street yesterday, with dangerous motorist and pedestrian behaviour in their sights.

During the operation, police caught 17 motorists committing intersection offences, 34 committing other driving offences and 13 pedestrians crossing the road illegally.

Superintendent Stuart Smith, operations commander of the Traffic and Highway Patrol Command, said that the operation wasn’t just aimed at making the CBD streets safer from dangerous driving, but from risky pedestrian behaviour as well.

“All too often, police are seeing pedestrians tuned into electronic devices, oblivious to traffic conditions, stepping out onto the road at dangerous locations and putting lives at risk,” said Mr Smith in a statement.

NSW police plan to continue actions like Operation Franklin throughout 2013, as they seek to make the streets safer for all users.

Police will also be turning their attention to safety at the state’s 3,800 rail crossings, with Transport for NSW announcing today (March 8) that operations focused on level crossing will run through March and April.

“It is important motorists, cyclists and pedestrians take care and obey the road rules when using level crossing,” said a Transport for NSW spokesman.

“We want to prevent serious injuries and senseless deaths by education motorists to be safe at level crossings.”

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