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Police target numerous driving offences

Small distractions and offences can cause massive accidents on state roads – which is why NSW Traffic and Highway Patrol officers have conducted a major operation targeting a number of problematic areas.

On Wednesday (August 13), Operation Compliance 3 specifically looked into mobile phone usage, school zone offences and illegal vehicle modifications. It was surprising that in over just a 24-hour period, officers found 937 drivers using a mobile phone, 818 breaches around school zones and 388 vehicle standard issues.

NSW’s road toll is of particular concern at present, standing at 193 crashes for 201-related fatalities. These figures are well ahead of last year, so authorities are doing all they can to limit the damage in the remaining months of 2014.

Traffic and Highway Patrol’s Acting Assistant Commissioner Bob Ryan believes that operations like this can have a lasting effect on driver behaviour. He does note that many individuals were still prepared to flaunt basic road laws.

“With Traffic and Highway Patrol Officers working alongside local police out there, focussing on high-risk driver and rider behaviour, I am pleased to announce that there were no fatalities reported on NSW roads yesterday,” Mr Ryan said.

“While our aim is to reduce the road toll below the 2013 figure of 339 fatalities, which was the lowest since 1924, that is still too many families, friends, and workmates affected by road trauma.”

NSW police described a number of incidents yesterday that could have had lead to major accidents. However, Mr Ryan said police did a good job of reminding drivers of their responsibilities and conducting proactive law enforcement through both fines and education.

“With recent serious injury and fatal crashes involving school zones and young children, it was fortunate for all concerned that our Operation Compliance had Motorcycle Response Team Officers at these locations to prevent what otherwise might have led to a tragic outcome in both cases,” he concluded.

NSW car accident compensation

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