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Police reiterate importance of driving carefully

When it comes to driving, it is important to exercise caution, drive to the conditions, follow the road rules and be respectful of fellow motorists.

Road rules are in place for a reason yet many people continue to break them, especially those surrounding speeding and driving while under the influence.

The NSW police are concerned that the message about road safety is still not getting across to enough people.

On Monday (November 5), police issued a press release outlining a number of breaches to the law and encouraging motorists to use them as a reminder to drive carefully.

It seems that officers in Sydney had a busy weekend, especially in Kings Cross and the Sydney CBD where police were conducting ‘Operation Elvis’, a campaign targeting modified vehicles and drink driving.

Over the course of the campaign, police conducted 202 stationary random breath tests, 28 mobile random breath tests and issued 36 traffic infringement notices.

They also discovered 36 vehicles with defections, including public transport options like taxis and tour buses.

One particular incident of concern happened on Cowper Wharf Road, Woolloomooloo, when police were conducting a random breath test.

They pulled over a car containing the driver and four passengers, and allegedly saw the person in the passenger’s seat drop a pill believed to be ecstasy on the floor.

Following this, police searched the car and found two men riding illegally in the boot. The driver was promptly arrested and charged with prohibited drug possession at Kings Cross police station.

Operation Elvis came after Operation Phoenix, which was conducted Friday night (November 2) and targeted drink driving in Sydney’s south-west, where a number of serious car accidents have recently occurred.

During the course of this operation, seven motorists returned positive breath tests, a clear sign that people are continuing to break the law and get behind the wheel when intoxicated, putting other road users at risk.

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Superintendent Stuart Smith said he is worried that this type of behaviour is occurring so close to the holiday season.

“In the lead-up to the busiest period for NSW roads, we are continuing to see far too many irresponsible motorists putting lives at risk,” Mr Smith said in a statement.

He assured drivers that police would “continue to be deployed across the state in high numbers to get dangerous drivers off the road”.


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