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Police involved in serious crash that led to two car accident injuries

A police vehicle was involved in a serious crash that sent to people to hospital with car accident injuries, and now authorities are investigating the site to better understand what led up to the accident.

Injured persons included a man and a woman in their 60s, who were rushed to Liverpool Hospital shortly after the crash. Investigators say the police were riding in a large Ford Ranger as they were responding to an urgent call at about 3pm on Sunday, September 29.

Officers were a part of the New South Wales police force, and were responding to a call about a potential domestic disturbance. The accident occurred when the Ford was travelling through an intersection in Bradbury and reportedly collided with a Holden Cruz.

The woman suffered serious chest injuries, while the man was treated by physicians as a precautionary measure. The man has since been released from hospital, while the woman's condition has been upgraded to stable.

Both officers also received treatment at the scene of the crash, however their injuries were minor. The Metropolitan Crash Investigation unit is currently looking over the site for more details. The Liverpool Local Area Command is also looking into the matter to ensure the officers were complying with the regions Safe Driver Policy.

Officers' behaviour could lead to car accident compensation

The Professional Standards command says it will work to determine if the police officers could be at fault if they were by chance not complying with strict codes established by the NSW Police Force.

To do so, the investigation unit is calling for anyone who may have more information about the accident to come forward.

The NSW Transport Centre for Road Safety is active in trying to lower the number of injuries and fatalities that occur on roads throughout the state. As of September 26, 240 people have been killed in car accidents in 2013. Although this number is still high, it is down 13 per cent from the 275 car accident fatalities that occurred in the same period last year.

Fatality rates are certainly declining. Since January 1, 2008, the average number of annual fatalities has fallen to about 360, compared with 425 at the beginning of the studied period.

Anyone who has suffered a car accident injury or lost a loved one in a crash may want to contact a car accident lawyer to learn about legal options.

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