Police investigate flaming crash in Homebush

Date: Feb 16, 2012

A Ford Falcon carrying four people was involved in an accident In the inner-western Sydney suburb of Homebush on February 12.

Police say that the accident occurred on the M4 motorway at around 03:30 as the west-bound car left the asphalt, flipping multiple times before coming to rest in some trees at the side of the road.

The front end of the vehicle was in pieces, with chunks of the bonnet missing entirely and the windscreen thoroughly damaged.

Initial reports have been unable to shed light on what caused the Ford to career off the motorway, although investigations are continuing.

Emergency services were able to respond quickly to the accident, with police from Burwood and Flemington Local Area Commands sealing off the motorway for a number of hours.

Barriers were quickly erected and diversions put in place for westbound traffic at Parramatta Road and Homebush Bay Drive.

Members from the NSW Ambulance Paramedics and Fire and Rescue NSW were on hand shortly afterwards to get to grips with freeing and treating the four victims.

Shortly after the emergency personnel arrived, a fire broke out in the engine compartment, feeding on the fuel that had been spilled during the crash.

However the blaze was quickly extinguished by the fire crews on hand before it could spread to the rest of the damaged car.

Three women and one mane were extracted from the ruined vehicle and were transferred to the nearby Westmead Hospital.

While their conditions are currently unknown, it is understood that all four occupants required for emergency treatment for a range of injuries.

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