Police investigate blazing Glanmire accident

Date: Feb 08, 2012

An accident involving a prime mover and motorcycle in the central west of New South Wales is being investigated by police.

Initial reports indicated that at around 18:40 on February 4 a motorbike travelling west on the Great Western Highway near Glanmire was involved in a collision with the heavy vehicle.

The impact with the truck caused the fuel carried by the motorcycle to ignite, setting the cab of the transport ablaze.

While the driver was able to escape the flames without serious injury, it is understood the rider may have died on impact and was later incinerated by the blaze.

However he did suffer from the after-effects of smoke inhalation and received treatment from paramedics at the scene.

Fire and Rescue officers were able to extinguish the burning material on the prime mover before emergency services began the process of removing the body of the deceased, who remains unidentified.

The 38-year-old man driving the truck was able to assist police with their enquiries and was taken to the nearby Bathurst Base Hospital for mandatory blood and urine testing.

He returned negative results for alcohol readings at the scene, leaving detectives to explore other factors.

Recent reports indicate that the rider was attempting to negotiate a right-hand bend when the motorcycle crossed into the wrong lane and into the path of the truck.

The scene was closed off for a number of hours to allow officers attached to Chifley Local Area Command to begin examining the site of the collision.

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