Police enforcing heavy vehicle safety compliance laws

Date: Aug 01, 2012

Every driver on the road has certain rules they need to obey. While the majority of the laws apply to all motorists, some are more vehicle-specific.

For example, there are slightly different rules for those on a motorbike or scooter than there are for those in your standard car.

The laws then change again for drivers of larger vehicles, often referred to as ‘heavy duty’ or ‘oversized’.

While some motorists may find these different regulations cumbersome, they are only in place to protect them and those they share the road with.

There is a large difference between driving a motorbike, a car and a truck – so it is important that the laws adequately reflect this.

The police in the NSW region have been working hard to enforce heavy duty vehicle compliance as of late.

Operation Explorer – a law enforcement campaign for the trucking industry – has just come to a close.

This initiative began on Sunday July 29 at 18:00 and finished up yesterday (Tuesday July 31) at midday.

The operation was a joint venture between the NSW Police Force Traffic and Highway Patrol Command (THPC) and the Roads and Maritime Services (RMS).

Over the three day period, officers from these units issued 110 infringement notices, uncovered three major defects in vehicles such as oil leaks and tyre problems, as well as 68 minor defects of a similar but less serious nature, and suspended one motorist’s license.

They also gave out nine court attendance notices for drivers caught without proper log books, and those exceeding legal working hours.

Operations Manager of the THPC Inspector Phillip Brooks explained that although the operation is now finished, the police and the RMS are still working hard to enforce laws.

“Good progress continue to be made in lowering the number of fatalities in crashes involving heavy vehicles however speed remains a major contributor to fatal heavy vehicle crashes,” he said.
“More work needs to be done to focus efforts on achieving further reductions in the heavy vehicle road toll through better targeted education and communication across the industry aimed at ensuring heavy vehicle drivers do not feel pressured to speed.”

Truck accidents can often result in fatalities or catastrophic injury, so it pays to be extra careful if you are a driver of a heavy duty vehicle.

Those that share highways with these types of automobiles may also want to exercise extra caution when passing them or following them. Try to increase your following speed as if you drive too close they may not be able to see you through their rear view mirrors.

If you are ever involved in a crash you may be eligible for truck injury accident compensation. There are lawyers in Sydney that can help you make a claim.


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