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Police crackdown on public transport offences

Over the past few weeks police around the NSW region have been doing what they can to make sure that individuals are respecting the law when they use public transport.

Although many people who take busses, trains and taxis are not considered to be motorists – and some may have never have even sat behind the wheel of a car – they still have a certain responsibility to uphold.

Reckless behaviour on public transport can distract those who are driving the vehicles, which can in turn put all those on the road at risk.

To combat this behaviour, the police have been doing what they can to maintain a strong presence and arrest those breaking the law, as well as help to minimise the risk of any unnecessary public transport accidents.

In late June they undertook Operation Merge South which focused on areas in Sydney’s south and south west over a 24-hour high visibility period.

During this time they arrested 30 people and issued nearly 300 infringement notices, which superintendent and Operation Merge commander Bernie Ryan considered a success.

“We really hope this type of operation will act as a deterrent to anyone thinking of misbehaving or conducting criminal activities on public transport,” he said.

“Everyone who uses public transport has a right to travel safely and without fear of becoming a victim of crime or anti-social behaviour.”

Following this campaign, yesterday (July 16) police began another one called Operation Javelin which will focus on making sure commuters are safe and abiding the law in the greater metropolitan Sydney area.

Officers from the Police Transport Command (PTC) – which has only recently been established – will be taking the reins of this operation.

Those who try to avoid paying or misuse tickets in any shape or form will be at the centre of the focus, but having police out in high visibility is expected to reduce crime across the board.

Commander of the PTC said that this move should help make using public transport a more pleasant experience for commuters.

“The genuine commuters need to know the days of criminals easily targeting commuters, damaging property and generally causing fear amongst transport patrons are coming to a rapid end,” he asserted.

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